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Adams-McKain Family Reunion

1919 - 2017

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Welcome to the Adams-McKain Family Reunion! 

Updated:  11 March 2017
Please use our "NEW" website which is being updated. This website is no longer being updated. Our "OLD" (first) website is no longer being updated due to circumstances beyond our control.

Please join us at our 2017 Adams-McKain Family Reunion at the Hudson Memorial Building, 179 N. Jones Street, Marcellus, Cass County, Michigan. 12 August 2017
Make your plans now to attend the 2017 reunion!
23 people attended the 95th Adams-McKain Reunion! We look forward to having more attend this year as we plan for our 100th Reunion.

Map of Marcellus with Hudson Memorial Building. The reunion is just south of the blue dot on the west side of Jones St.

Our website provider has been forcing us to make changes (again!) and this site is in the process of being updated and pages from the "old" website being moved to this location. During this transition some of the links, photos, etc. may not be live. Please be patient and come back often to see the changes. Please be patient and contact Jim Adams if you notice links that do not work, missing photos, etc. or if you have suggestions or additions.

 Photo on right > Left to right:  Ross, Chester, Effie, Archie, Mary, Mason Adams

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More extensive family history will be found at our original Adams-McKain Family Reunion Site. The original website has NOT being updated after 31 July 2011. We will be changing over to this, our "new" website (Click on the "Archives" link at the left)

Word has been received of the death of Harry Elderkin "Bud" Ashford (06 July 1922 - Aug 2013). His obituary is posted on the Ashford Family Page.

Word has been received of the death of Jason Feller Ashford, 89 (01 Nov 1923 - 28 May 2012) at his home in Salem, OR. Jason was the son of Ward & Violet Ashford and was married to Anna Louise Anderson.

Word has been received of the death of Gerald L. Adams, 81 (14 June 1931 - 07 Jan 2013). He was the son of Carl Valentine & Helen (Manning) Adams and the grandson of Archie Leonard & Lillie LeBarr (Douglas) Adams. An obituary will be in the Marcellus News.
He will be buried in Bushnell National Cemetery, FL. Strunk Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements.

Word has been received of the death of Rev. Canon David Cameron Adams. David was a 7th cousin to Jim Adams and kept us in touch with the "Canadian Connection" to the Adams Family.

Here you will find family histories, marriages, obituaries, photographs, diaries, etc. on the Adams-McKain and related families.
Return here often for updated family history!


   Jane Woods McKain

We keep track of the Adams-McKain and related families and we need your help! Please send us your photos, births, marriages, obituaries, etc.
We have been holding annual Adams-McKain Family Reunions every year since 1919 and are looking forward to our 100th Anniversary Adams-McKain Family Reunion in 2018!

The Adams-McKain Family Reunion Newsletter is published once/year prior to the August reunion.


Please send your news, births, marriages, graduations, etc. to Jim Adams or via our contact page.

Adams-McKain Family Reunion
George Adams, President
Barbara Gale, Secretary-Treasurer
Robert Brown, Newsletter Editor
Jim Adams, Web Master
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