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Villages and Towns
Updated: 05 March 2014
Please contact Jim Adams if you have interesting facts, personalities, etc. to add to this page.
Cass County  (One city, Dowagiac; 4 incorporated villages, Cassopolis, Edwardsburg, Marcellus, Vandalia; 15 townships)

Wakelee -- Tom Cox has been collecting historical material on early Wakelee. See the Marcellus News, 04 October 2012 on page 2.
Village of Marcellus
The Village of Marcellus, Michigan - An Affectionate Review of its Life and times over the past one hundred years. Centennial 1979.

George Henrich, Village President. (See his obituary in the 02 May 2013 Marcellus News, "80 Years Ago" on page 6. )

Marcellus at Wikipedia. The site of the village of Marcellus was owned by Hiram Pulver until 1869, when the Pulver farm was purchased by George W. Jones (grandfather to Carroll B. Jones & Donna V. (Jones) Schurtz). The village was laid out and platted in 1876 and the old Peninsular RR came through in 1871. George W. Jones, Leander Bridge, David Snyder, and George Roach were the original signers of the first plat of Marcellus.
Marcellus (City Data)
Bluegill Frolic The Bluegill Frolic started in 1939. Contact Jim Adams if you have photos or stories.

Special thanks to the Marcellus News & Carroll B. Jones for the series of articles, "Tour of Marcellus - 1940 - 1979" by Father Time (Carroll B. Jones). 15 Sept 2005, 29 Sept 2005

A & P Grocery Store. Charles Zanger, Mgr. 
Abbott & Powers Agency, Inc. 144 East Main St. Hazen Abbott, Robert Powers, Carroll Rimes, Terry Roberts. Previously the Boyd Horton Grocery Store. 
Annex Theatre, owned by Elmer Reigle.

Anthony's Restaurant -- 1930's

Berry's Restaurant -- 1930's

Burney's Store. The first real store in Marcellus.
Carlton Hardware - 115 E. Main St. Wayne, Dave, & Jim Carlton. 1939 - present. Previously Patch Hardware (Frank W. Patch). Wayne Carlton started the business in 1939 and his sons have continued.

Centennial Building -- 1876. Housed the old "Opera House" upstairs. Early Marcellus basketball games were played in the Opera House. Built by Dr. Horace Carbine and Dr. McElrath who were the first doctors in Marcellus.
Chapman Forge & Engine Works - 1898 - ?. Herman L. Chapman invented the Emery Grinder.

Citgo Gas Station -- Chet Emmons, Prop.

Clark Hice's Sports Shop. 
Columbian Hotel  20 July 211 article. Photo of proposed rehabilitation 18 Aug 2011. At one time: the Marcellus Apartments, a rest home (Haas?), Frank & Bertha Hasbrouck's Hotel, Frank's Tavern.

Country Jeans -- Clothing store run by Richard Green. Formerly a dairy bar, then a restaurant operated by Clare Stanard, also Ellery Bates and at one time was named the "Zesto Grill".

Coy Kent's Law Office. The building was demolished 06 June 1963. The lot was purchased by D.V. Schurtz.

The Cozy Cupboard. 130 West Main St. George Pangborn (1960s). The restaurant was started by Carl Flanders and later owned by Clara Clark.
Cree Coaches- Established by Howard L. & Lillian M. Cree in 1945 - 1965. Original location where Jones Law Office on Main Street is located. Later moved to M-40 North. Incorporated with original "Cree" name in 1973. They had 3 daughters: Susan, Dotty Lou, & Lois Ann). See John Mooy's "The True Book of Mostly Unrelated Stories, 23 May 2013 entitled, "Memory of a Cree Coach" on page 3 of the Marcellus News.

Daniel's Shoe Shop. Gerald & Betty Daniels, owners. The building was formerly occupied by the Elkhart Organ & Piano Co.
Decker's Barber Shop - Began in 1898. Charlie & John Decker. 
D.H. Palmer Hardware

Drake's Market. Ward & Lowell Drake. March 17, 1960 Marcellus News: "Centennial Block Sold to Drakes. One of the largest exchanges of real estate in Marcellus for many years took place last week when Ward & Lowell Drake purchased the building known as the Centennial Block from the Clark Tribbett Estate. The property, located on the corner of Main and Centre Streets in Marcellus, houses three active businesses -- the 5 & 10 cent store, barbershop and a TV and Radio Repair Shop. The fourth business place is the former Marcellus Locker Plant, which has been closed since last summer. The Centennial Building dates way back and many old-timers can remember the many activities which took place in the second floor hall, such as dances, programs and high school basketball. The Drakes, who are presently operating a grocery and meat market on Main Street, said this week that tentative plans call for moving of their business int the new quarters in the near future."

Fiesta Supermarket operated by Dave Zoppa. Previous owners were Bill Higgins. Previously the A& P Grocery Store managed by John Brucker. The rooms above were occupied by the Marcellus Masonic Lodge No. 291 F & AM with Frank Townsend serving as Worshipful Master.

Grand Trunk Railway Train Depot -- Closed in 1974. Last agent was Larry Lee. Other agents were: Byron Hibbard, Max Davis, Bud Streeter.
Gravel Lake Mobilehome Beach. Owned & built by Charles Allett of Kalamazoo, MI. Opened in 1962 next to Sandy Beach.

Green's Used Car Lot -- Terry Green. Formerly a parking lot for the Dairy Bar.

Greta's Beauty Shop. Previously Bert McDonald's cream station.
G.W. Jones Exchange Bank -- 1877 to the present. May 1933 they had $250,000 on deposit in Savings Book.

Harris 5 & 10. Also J & K Variety Shop.

Harry's TV Sales & Service. Harry Zelasko
Hartman's Golf Driving Range opened in 1962 by Don & Jean Hartman on M-216.

Hedy's Cafe. Sam & Hedy French opened the cafe 09 Oct 1962 at 145 East Main St., the building was formerly used by the Marcel Beauty Salon.
Hepp's of Marcellus Department Store. 1958 - . Harley & Virginia Saidla. 
Hudson Memorial Building  -- Charles H. Hudson.

Bill Huyck's General Store --
Ingersoll Drug Store -- 1920 to ? Run by Charles M. Ingersoll, Sr., Charles M. Ingersoll, Jr. and later Richard Charles Ingersoll. Charles Ingersoll, Sr. purchased the drug store in 1920 from Claude Miller.

G.W. Jones Exchange Bank --  The oldest continuously operated business in Marcellus (1877 - present). Under management by the Jones family. The drive-in began in 1978 and was the site of a filling station previously. Dr. Harold Rose had his dental practice upstairs and Dr. U.M. Adams, MD had his family practice there until he moved it to 218 S. Jones St.

Jones, Webb, & Jones Law Office -- Carroll Jones, Cordell Jones, Burke Webb, Donald France. In the 1950s a garage was located in the east lot and west lot was used by Cree Coaches.
Frank Krieger's General Store. Across from the laundry on M-40 north.
Kroll's Emporium, department store owned by George W. Kroll (later Hepp's)
Little Switzerland, opened in 1961

Loft's Feed Store & Cream Station. Gordon Lofts. 

Main St. Shell. Bill & Arlene (Lofts) Miller. Previously a Texaco Station run by Frank Reiff. Also Paul Harms & Fritz Parsley.

Marc Theatre -- Grand opening on 05 April 1963. Showing "If A Man Answers" with Sandra Dee & Bobby Darin.

Marcel Beauty Salon. 145 E. Main St.

Marcellus Convalescent Home --

Marcellus Co-Op -- Later Farm Bureau Services, Inc. managed by Larry Fosdick.

Marcellus Depot. 1898 to 1974. Larry Lee was the last station agent. Others were Byron C. Hibbard, Max Davis, & Bud Streeter. 

Marcellus Locker Plant. Clark Tribbett. The old Opera House was upstairs. Basketball games were played there prior to the building of a gymnasium at the high school.

Marcellus Milling Company. The grain tower still stands with a mural done by Debby Holloway  of Chief Pokaman and "Poke's Rock" and Poke's Swamp. The mural shows Mrs. Lansing Fonda Poke's Rock was located on the property owned by Carl Buckhold and Donna V. (Jones) Schurz's father, C.S. "Kit" Jones bought the rock in 1900 and had stone masons cut the rock to be used to build his house. Willaim Bainbridge did the sandblasting and base painting preparation for the mural. Work began in June of 1976 and took 100 gallons of paint and 200 hours of painting by Debby Holloway. The mural was completed in time for the Bank's centennial in 1977.  Ron McAdam restored the mural in 1997 and sealed it with a clear coat in 2012.

Marcellus News. "The Only Newspaper In The World That Cares About Marcellus". Don Moormann. Established in 1876.

Marcellus Township Library Wood Memorial Library -

Mater Funeral Home. 111 E. Main St. operated out of the home built by his uncle, Oscar R. Romig.
Melville's Construction, Leslie "Stubb" Melville & his brother John purchased the Hayes Hotel & Tavern on Big Fish Lake in 1945. Also the Stubb Melville dance band.
Murray's TV & Radio -- Lloyd Murray, Prop.

Northrup's Service Station -- E. Main St.

Oscar Romig Company furniture store -- Oscar Romig & later John Mater. Oscar Romig started the business in 1912 working for Mr. Walters. John Mater, a nephew of Oscar Romig continued the business.

D.H. Palmer's Hardware -- 
Pantale's Nip n Tuck Tavern (or was it the Dip & Dunk?)
Patch & Remington Hardware

Peninsular Railroad. The depot was located on the east side of the track, about opposite the Marcellus Coal Yard and Ice Co.'s Yard. I.M. Smith was the first railroad agent and telegraph operator.

Pep's Place -- Jim Pepperman. Previously Carl's Bar, George Koehler's Tavern.

H.H. Poorman's Blacksmith Shop. Located on the west side of the marsh, west of the Jess Palmer place before there was a village of Marcellus.

Pork Chops Diner -- ?

Dick Reish Radio & TV --

Rimes Lunch. Zoe Rimes. Previously Carl Pantale's & Fred Wheaton. At one time the old First State Bank. The safe may still be in the building. 

Roberts' Plumbing & Heating. Paul Roberts & Gary Roberts
Romig Funeral Home -- Later Mater Funeral Home (John & Bill Mater). Currently Ralston-Mater Funeral Home.

Ross Theatre. Ross Thayer. 

Dr. David Schroeder's Dental Office. Previously the C.C. Long Grocery Store, Dr. Robert Mulvihill's dentist office.
S. Stern & Co. this marks another milestone in the business career of one of Michigan's oldest and most successful department stores - a store of which Marcellus can be justly proud. They celebrated their 57th year in business in 1931. Marcellus News, 16 April 1931. Predecessor to Hepp's. 1874 - 1958. Sol Stern, Al Moses, Julius Stern, Leon Moses. "The One Price Department Store"

'76 Center and Nostalgia Shop. An antique & amusement center. Formerly J & K Variety Shop and Harris 5 & 10 Store.

Shell Gas Station -- Bill & Arlene (Lofts) Miller. John Dimmick purchsed it in the late 1940s and was at one time occupied by a Texaco station run by Frank Reiff. Other proprietors were Paul Harms & Fritz Parsley.

Sinclair Service Station & Tire Shop -- Jinx Saidla. Later purchased by the Farm Bureau. Located on the SE corner of Main & Burney.
Southside Grocery - where the kids stopped after school. Al & Maxine Burleigh.

Bert Streeter's Optical Shop.

Stroz Auto Body -- Joe Stroz, Prop.
Between the Shell station and South Side Grocery on Burney St.
Terrill's Market - Bus & Pete Terrill. 
Tony's Sales & Service, Tony & Marian Kandlstorfer. HVAC business on Read St.

Van's TV -- Glenn VanValkenberg.
Virginia Theater, across the street from the Annex Theater.

West Park Landscape Co., George M. Huber, Mgr., E.G. Bond, Asst. Mgr. (1930s)

Wild Patch  Restaurant -- Paul & Sandy (Wiseman) Janing, Prop.
Eli Wintrode, Barbershop.
G.P. Worden Furniture
Art Wright's fur and wool buying business. Now a parking lot next between the Methodist Church and the Bank drive-in.
Marcellus Personalities
Dr. Uriah M. Adams, MD. Practiced medicine in Marcellus from 1930 to the mid-1980s.

Mr. Baldwin, the first Village Marshall.
Vaughn A. Bartlett
Herman L. Chapman, inventor of a portable forge, inventor of the Emery Grinder & bolt cutter. Chapman engine.
Jack Colborn, former Village President. (1927 - 2011). Drafted by Chicago White Sox & played in minor league system (1949-50, '52)
Howard L. Cree, founder of Cree Truck Coach in the 1940's. He built his first coach in 1947 for Luther Batt.
Bud Fuller, Police Chief
Byron C. Hibbard
Charles H. & Alice (Huyck) Hudson, merchant. Left funds to build the Hudson Memorial Building.

Charles Monroe Ingersoll. The father & son ran the Rexall Drug Store from 1920 to ?

Oliver H. Jensen, teacher, coach, Superintendent
Carroll B. Jones, attorney (Jones Law Firm) and bank president (G.W. Jones Bank)
John & Bill Mater -- ran the Romig Funeral home in Marcellus until 2012. See the Thursday, 28 June 2012 issue of the Marcellus News for part 1 of the story of the Romig & Mater Funeral Home.
Lucille &"Stubb" Melville, owner/operator of Melville's Tavern, Melville's Excavating & Melville's Campground.
Don Moormann, editor & publisher of the Marcellus News.11 July 1925 - 29 July 1999. See the August 5, 1999 issue of the Marcellus News for memorials & tributes.
John Mooy, author of Once Upon A Mail Route and Once Upon A Time In A Small Town.

Oscar & Jennie Romig -- undertaker 
Dr. Harold Rose, DDS. Had his practice on the 2nd floor of the G.W. Jones Exchange Bank as did Dr. U.M. Adams before he moved his practice to Jones St.
Arnold "Arnie" Schten, longtime columnist for the Marcellus News

Donna V. Schurtz. President of the G.W. Jones Exchange Bank
Harry & Martha (Patch) Shaw. Harry was an undertaker with the Romig Funeral Home & the Patch family owned the Patch & Remington Hardware Store. Harry died 01 January 1977 at the age of 67.

Dr. Shillito. His home later became the Romig Funeral Home and the residence of John & Florence Mater. (See photo in the 26 June 1947 Marcellus News)
Joe Stroz -- Joe had an auto repair shop on the east end of town near the train depot on Burney St.

Frank Townsend -- Moved to Marcellus in February 1952. Postmaster fro March 1956 - November 1986. Charter member of the Marcellus Lions Club in June 1970. Marcellus VFW member since 1953. A member of the Masons since 1947.
Elmer Walter, undertaker.

Art Whitenight, Marcellus Fire Chief who retired in 1962 after 32 years of service.

Eli Wintrode's Barber Shop.
Father George Zabelka, 1st pastor of St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church. Said Mass & gave communion to the crew of the Enola Gay prior to the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. Later became a pacifist and anti-nuclear activist.
Harry Zelasko, owner of Harry's TV Sales & Service on Main St.
Van Buren County (4 cities, Bangor, Gobles, Hartford, South Haven; 7 villages, Bloomingdale, Breedsville, Decatur, Lawrence, Lawton, Mattawan, Paw Paw; 18 townships)