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Welcome to the Hill Family Page!

Updated: 25 April 2013

If you have family information, photographs, diaries, etc. of the Hill, Kinney, and related families, please contact Jim Adams for inclusion on this page.

See: HPillman Family Tree at They have family photos, stories, etc.

I have found two different accounts of the parents:

Jabez Hill (1774 - 1863) married Clarrisa Ball (1774 - 1863). They had 9 children:

  1. Horace

  2. Levi Boynton

  3. Jason Cleveland

  4. Aurilla

  5. William Austin(24 April 1811 in Blandon, Worcester, Mass. - 17 Oct 1864 in Rollersville, Scott, Sandusky, OH) married (1) Orilla Gray Falley and (2) Lucinda Lorrania Kinney.

  6. Perline/Paulina

  7. Elijah

  8. Luther

  9. Charlotte

William Austin(24 April 1811 in Blandon, Worcester, Mass. - 17 Oct 1864 in Rollersville, Scott, Sandusky, OH) married (1) Orilla Gray Falley and (2) Lucinda Lorrania Kinney. William Austin & Orilla Gray (Falley) Hill had 3 sons:  (NOTE: 8 of these sons served in the Union Army in the Civil War. See story below)

  1. Hubbard Homer (1832 - 1894)

  2. Joseph Henry (1833 - 1833)

  3. William Henry (1835 - 1902)

William Austin & Lucinda Lorraine (Kinney) Hill had 16 children:

  1. Emmeline Orilla (1837 - 1872)

  2. Joseph Albert (1838 - 1920)

  3. William Austin (1840 - 1899)

  4. Stephen Kinney Hill (1842 - 1864)

  5. Thomas Morris (1844 - 1895)

  6. Benjamin F. (1845 - 1865)

  7. Gilbert Warren (1847 - 1921)

  8. Lorania M. (1849 - 1849)

  9. Horace D. (1850 - 1850)

  10. Male infant (1851 - 1851)

  11. Helen J. (1852 - 1853)

  12. Daphne A. (1854 - 1854)

  13. Barton S. (1855 - 1855)

  14. Charles Sumner Hill (1856 - 1940)

  15. Anna/Annie M. (1861 - 1861)

  16. John Rhinehart (1862 - 1918)

The following came from various websites:


Family oral history recounts that William Austin was never a very healthy or robust man and could not perform hard manual labor.

 Georgia Hill Leonard, May 1991

Van Buren County Michigan Probate Court:

A document recorded in Van Buren County Probate Court, signed by Lucinda L. Hill states that her husband was the father of three minor sons, to wit: Gilbert Warren, 18 yrs, Charles S. 9 yrs. old, and John Shiloh, 3 years old, were the legitimate and natural and legal sons of William Austin Hill, and said natural father of the sons had died on the date so stated, in Rollerville, Sandusky Co., Ohio  That the signature on the deed of said property was that of her husband, and father of her sons.  Lucinda signed this on the 17th day of March, 1866, in Paw Paw, Michigan.  It was furnter signed by Judge Chandler Richards, Court of the Probate.

Property was sold by the court, and Lucinda was given $750 to help rear her minor sons.

Georgia Hill Leonard, 1992

8 Sons in the Union Army:

"There are two women I want to mention - one was a Mrs. Hill who had eight sons in the Union Army.

One day this woman was on the cars going from Lawton to Kalamazoo.  There was also a man on this train, and in the same coach.  He was what we call a Southern Sympathizer.  He was describing the personnel of the Soldiers of the Union Army, saying they were a mob of fanatical cowards.

The woman, who was small of the stature, left her seat and walked up to this fellow and spit in his face, and said, 'Mister, I have eight sons in the army you are abusing and lying about, and I take this way to express my contempt for a man who pretends to believe in the cause of the South, but lacks the courage to put on the gray and fight for it.'

The cheers this lady got were loud and long.

This courageous lady was the daughter of Stephen Kinney, who was an early settler of Van Buren County.  Her name was Lucinda Lorraine Kinney Hill.  Her husband was William Austin Hill, was was also the father of Homer Hubbard Hill who ran the general store in Almena, and also the Fisk Mills of Almena.  And the Father of William Austin Hill, Jr. who resided at Almena.  Both Hubbard and His Brother, Wm. A. Hill are buried in the Almena Cemetery.

Source: Memories of Early Michigan 1856-1860 written by Herrick L. Sutton, a pioneer of Van Buren County, Michigan.  This article was published in the Republican, Decatur paper and appears as history making news in the Scrapbook History of Decatur and Van Buren County, Volume #1, page 696

Purchase & Sale of Land in Michigan:

Purchase and sale of land (50 acres) in Van Buren County, Michigan prove to me that William Austin Hill and Lucinda L. Hill at least visited the area about the year 1850.  30 acres of that land were sold in 1860, paid off, and recorded in Van Buren County, Michigan.  30 acres were sold to Isaac F. Parrish for the sum of $300 dollars, on the 2nd day of December, at 11 o'clock.  Signed by Manassah Kern, Diana E. Bell, William A. Hill and Lucinda L. Hill.

After William Austin Hill died in 1864, Lucinda traveled to Almena, Michigan to attend the sale of the rest of the property.  She brought with her, her son Charles S. nine years old, and their three year old baby, John S.  She petitioned the court (probate) for guardianship of three minor sons.  Gilbert Warren was then 18 years old, and still ruled a minor by the court, though Gilbert had stayed behind in Scott, Sandusky County, Ohio.  She also petitioned the court for permission to sell the rest of the land she and her husband had purchased there.  The land consisted of twenty acres with some farm buildings on it.  Lucinda maintained that becasue of the position of the land and buildings, the farm could not be split equally into three parts for three of the boys.  She begged permission to sell it as a parcel, and use the money to take care of the boys.  The court, after an investigation, granted both, and Lucinda sold the property.  READER PLEASE NOTE:  In all documents recorded in Van Buren County, Michigan, pertaining to Lucinda and her family, her youngest son, John Rhinehart Hill, was recorded as "John S. or John Shiloh."

Georgia Hill Leonard, 1992


Michigan Connection:

William Austin Hill and second wife, Lucinda Loraine Kinney, owned property in Van Buren County, Michigan.  They bought and sold several parcels before the advent of the Civil War.  Lucinda's parents, Stephen Kinney and Hannah Wright Kinney, also owned property in Van Buren County, Michigan.  William and Lucinda made many trips to Michigan from Sandusky County, Ohio.  They still owned one farm located on the Otsego Road at the time of William's death in 1864 in Rollersville, Ohio.  Lucinda brought her two youngest sons to Michigan to establish residency so she could petition the probate court to sell the farm. (The old Ostego Road ran from Paw Paw Mills to Otsego, Michigan.  Paw Paw Mills later became Lawton.)  After the 30-acre farm was sold, the widow moved to Wisconsin.

Adapted from the works of Georgia Hill Leonard, May 1991


Civil War:

Eight of William Austin Hill's sons marched away together and enlisted in the Union Army during the Civil War at the same time on the same day.  This was believed to be the largest number of sons from one Ohio family to be in the war at one time.

Hubbard Hill enlisted in the 100 days service.  William H. Hill enlisted in the 3rd Ohio Volunteer Company.  Joseph Hill first enlisted in the three month service and then in the 3rd Ohio Volunteers.  William A. Hill, Jr. first enlisted in the 72nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry and then in the 3rd Ohio Volunteer Company.  Morris Hill first enlisted in the 8th Ohio Volunteer Infantry and then in the 3rd Ohio Volunteer Company.  Stephen K. Hill enlisted in the 17th Ohio Volunteer Infantry.  Frank Hill enlisted in the 3rd Ohio Volunteer Company.  Warren Hill enlisted in the 3rd Ohio Volunteer Company.

Hubbard Hill was a big, strong man and it was his job to help move wagons and cannons.  A wagon tipped with its load pinning Hubbard's leg.  The leg never healed and ultimately was the casue of his death.  Doctors finally amputated his leg but too late to save his life.  He died June 30, 1894.  Stephen K. Hill, Company F Ohio Mounted Rifles, died in battle on September 18, 1864, in Columbus, Tennessee.  Benjamin F. Hill died at age 20 on April 11, 1865, near Selma, Alabama, while fording a river on foot.  The entire company (men, horses and weapons) all went down in river quicksand.  All were lost.  One brother died in Libby Prison, a Confederate war prison.

Sources: Georgia Hill Leonard, May 1991; A. W. Pierce of Collins, Ohio (newspaper article in the Cleveland Leader in 1895 based on an interview with William H. Hill)

Another source has: Descendants of Joseph Hill and Johanna Kibbe. They probably left Blandford about 1840 and she transferred her church membership to Colebrook, CT. Their daughter lived there and had a pair of twins in 1842. Joseph sold his share in a mill before they moved and he apparently died shortly after the move.

They had two sons:
   1. William Austin Hill (24 April 1811 in Blandon, Worcester, MA - 16 Oct 1864 in Sandusky, OH). William Austin Hill married (1) Orilla Grey Falley (died 1835) and married (2) Lucinda Lorania Kinney (17 July 1818 in Huron County, OH - 05 Aug 1902 in Galena, Jo Daviess, IL) on 23 Nov 1835 in Milan, OH. They had a son, Joseph Albert Hill.
   2. Joseph Albert married Lucy Cleveland.
   3. Tinmah (daughter)