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Door County Veterans

Updated: 18 May 2014

This site is under construction and more names, dates, service records, etc. will be added. Please contact Jim Adams to submit additional names, photographs, obituaries, stories, etc. A few of the following are local & are buried elsewhere. A few served in other wars (e.g. Franco-Prussian War).

USCGC Escanaba History. On 13 June 1943, 105 brave Coast Guardsmen perished with the Escanaba including four crewmen from Door County. They were:

* Chief Boatswain Mate George W. Larson. Purple Heart. Monument in Battery Park, New York City

* Radioman 1st Class Leonard Delsart. Purple Heart. Monument in Battery Park, New York City

* Utilitiesman 1st Class Victor J. Londo, Jr.. Purple Heart. Monument in Battery Park, New York City

* Boatswain Mate 2nd Class Clarence Edward Christianson.

"USCGC Ecanaba History" from the Coast Guard City Official Proclamation Ceremony. 10 May 2014. Sturgeon Bay, Door County, WI.(PDF document)

2013 Veterans Day Program at Sevastopol School, Institute, WI (video)

2013 Veteran's Salute Sevastopol Historical Society video (Norm Kiehnau, Carl Scholz, Ray Hogan, Bea Bircher)

2013 Veteran's StoriesSevastopol Historical Society video (Peter Devlin, John Neinas)

2013 Veteran's Stories Sevastopol Historical Society video (Bea Bircher)

2013 Veteran's Stories Sevastopol Historical Society video (Jim Huhta)

2013 Veterans Day Program at Sevastopol School, Institute, WI.  (Door Co. Advocate photos)

2013 Sevastopol Choir sings "American Tears" (video)

2011 Memorial Day Service at City Hall (Sturgeon Bay) Video by Jason Mann

Veteran's Stories -- Vince Sherrick (Sevastopol Historical Society)

2013 Memorial Day Service at City Hall (Sturgeon Bay) Video by Jason Mann

2011 Memorial Day Services at City Hall (Sturgeon Bay) Video by Jason Mann


Alan Amelinckx & Dwight "Andy" Anderson of the American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC) have been kind enough to send me photos of the graves of Door County veterans who are buried in France.Go to the ABMC page to see a slide show of their grave markers and more information on the ABMC.


"A Salute to Door County Veterans". (11 Nov 2012) Program by the Sevastopol Historical Society. Video by Laddie Chapman. George Bodenner (U.S. Navy, WW2, Korea, Vietnam), Dick Shappell (U.S. Navy, WW2), Jack Hirst (U.S. Air Force, WW2), George Gemberling (U.S. Army, WW2), John Fulkerson (U.S. Army, WW2), Leo Neimeyer (U.S. Army, WW2), Bob Graef (U.S. Marine Corps, WW2). Moderator, Deb Logerquist. Introductions: Holly Kohls. Interviews: Don Rudolph & Linda Wait. (Military records from King Phillip's War (1675-1676) to the Vietnam War) (World War 2 casualties) Click on "Wisconsin" and then "Door County" to get a list of Door County casualties (Army & Air Force)


Merchant Marine website


U.S. Coast Guard (The Coast Guard at War) Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) "Handbook for Researching MIA Cases 1941 - 1960" (PDF)


Local men & women who served in the Armed Forces during WW2 from Door County.

Door County, Civil War Gold Star List (25 members)

Door County, WW1 Gold Star List (53 service members)

Door County, WW2 Gold Star List (64 service members)

Door County, Korean War Gold Star List  (10 service members)

Door County, Vietnam War Gold Star List (10 service members)

Door County, Operation Iraqi Freedom Gold Star List (2 service members)   

History of Door County, Wisconsin - Wisconsin Genealogy Trails. Source: Hjalmar R. Holand (1917) Chapter XV "A Roll of Honor" (Civil War Soldiers from Door County)

Door County cemeteries list at Peninsula Genealogical Society.


Door County Cemeteries 

  Bayside Cemetery, Bay Shore Drive, Sturgeon Bay (veterans)

  St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery, Egg Harbor Road, Sturgeon Bay (veterans)

  Baileys Harbor Town Cemetery, Town of Baileys Harbor (veterans)

  Bethany Lutheran/Ephraim Evangelical Lutheran (veterans)

  Blossomburg Cemetery (veterans)

  Brockhausen (Elizabeth) Cemetery, Forestville (veterans)

  Brown Church Cemetery, Forestville (veterans)

  Brussels Town Cemetery (abandoned)

  Clay Banks Town Cemetery, Town of Clay Banks (veterans)

  Egg Harbor Town Cemetery, Town of Egg Harbor (veterans)

  Emmanuel Lutheran Cemetery, Brussels (veterans)

  Evergreen Cemetery, Algoma (Door County veterans only)

  Forest Lutheran Cemetery, Carnot, Forestville (veterans)

  Hainesville Cemetery (veterans)

  Hope United Church of Christ Memorial Gardens (veterans)

  Juddville Cemetery, Juddville (veterans)

  Little Sister Cemetery, Sister Bay

  Maplewood Public/Forestville Town Cemetery (veterans)

  Mount Olive Cemetery, Town of Sturgeon Bay (veterans)

  St. Francis Xavier Catholic Cemetery, Brussels (veterans)

  St. John the Baptist Cemetery, Egg Harbor (veterans)

  St. John's Lutheran Cemetery, Town of Sevastopol (veterans)

  St. Mary Cemetery, Forestville (veterans)

  St. Mary's Holy Name of Mary (A - K) Forestville (veterans)

  St. Mary's Holy Name of Mary (L - Z) Forestville (veterans)

  St. Mary's Cemetery, Maplewood.

  St. Michaels Catholic Cemetery, Brussels (veterans)

  St. Michael's Catholic Cemetery, Jacksonport (veterans)

  St. Paul Lutheran Cemetery, Juddville (veterans)

  SS. Peter & Paul Catholic Cemetery, Institute, Town of Sevastopol (veterans)

  St. Peter's Lutheran Cemetery, Forestville (veterans)

  St. Rosalia's Cemetery, Sister Bay

  Samuelson Cemetery, Sturgeon Bay (veterans)

  Schumacher Cemetery, Town of Nasewaupee (veterans)

  Shiloh Moravian Cemetery, Town of Sturgeon Bay (veterans)

  Sister Bay Moravian Cemetery, Town of Liberty Grove (veteran)

  Stevenson Cemetery, Little Sturgeon (veterans)

  Tanum Lutheran Cemetery, Clay Banks (veterans)

  Zion Lutheran Cemetery (veterans)

  Washington Island Town Cemetery, Town of Washington, (veterans)

  American Legion (unmarked)

 Names are being transferred to the appropriate cemetery. Please be patient while these transfers are being done and return here often for the latest updates.


Unknown burial places (These may be recent deaths and burial location is not known. Please contact Jim Adams if you have information on these veterans.)


Albert, Emil "Babe". U.S. Army, Korean War era. 21 July 1934 - 18 May 2014

Babler, Edmond J. U.S. Marine Corps, WW2 -Pacific Theater. POW

Baker, Arliss Jon. U.S. Army 1957 - 1959

Bieri, Edward R. PFC US Army Vietnam. 13 Oct 1950 - 05 Sep 1971.

Bobb, John. U.S. Army WW2 European Theater. POW Hope United Church of Christ Memorial Garden.

Borowick, Thomas. U. S. Marine Corps, Vietnam.

Boucher, Roland J. U.S.Navy WWII. 17 Aug 1926 - 15 May 2014. Buried St. Louis Catholic, Dyckesville.

Buschmann, William Dale "Bill". 02 April 1950 - 04 Jan 2014.  U.S. Navy, Vietnam.

Casteel, Roy Glenn. 28 April 1940 - 16 Feb 2013. U.S. Marine Corps (22 years with 2 tours in Vietnam)

Chapman, Richard R. U.S. Marine Corps, Korea.

Champeau, James V. 06 Oct 1928 - 31 Dec 2012. Past Commander of American Legion Billy Wiess Post 127. Place of burial not known.

Chapman, Richard R. U.S. Marine Corps, Korean War. Place of burial not known.

Clemens, Billy Roy. U.S. Air Force

Cole, John R. U.S. Air Force, WW2

Cordier, Edward 1895 - 1955 (Family stone)

Daanen, Milton "Milty" John. (1931 - 2103) U.S. Coast Guard 1950 - 1953.

Davis, Robert W. (1926 - 2013) WWII, U.S. Army & Merchant Marines.

Dean, Franklin O.

Drucker, Henry.

Engelson, Henry C.

Fischer, Robert "Bob". U.S. Coast Guard

Goss, Edward. USMC SSGT Korea

Halverson, Richard Louis. U.S. Army, Korea

Harris, Paul KJ. (no cemetery)

Henry, Dennis Douglas "Little Man". U.S. Army, Vietnam

Hobson, W. Stan, MD. 1925 - 1995 and Carol (Family stone)

Hoeppner, Theodore W.

Hoiska, John. 1918 - 2013. Tech. Sgt. U.S. Army, Pacific Theater 1941 - 1945.

Husby, PFC John T.

Jess, Robert Alton. U. S. Coast Guard. 01 Jan 1938 - 20 March 2014.

Johnson, William C. Petty Officer, 1st MD, U.S. Navy, Vietnam

Kittel, Richard Lee. U.S. Army, Vietnam

Krug, David Lee

Leimbach, Gary A. SPC5, U.S. Army, Vietnam

Marlow, Robert H. (Illinois burial)

Marschner, Carl Dean. U.S. Army, 1953-1955

Matzke, Erwin Walter. 11 May 1916 - 18 Jan 2014. 124th Cavalry. Horse Soldier.

McCoy, John James "Capt. Jack". (1919 - 2012) Lt. U.S. Navy WW2 (Guadacanal) burial location unknown

Meyer, Henry M. Sgt. U.S. Army Military Police, WWII, 1944 - 1946.

Miller, Harvey E. TEC 4, U.S. Army WW2 (Emmanuel Lutheran Cemetery, Brussels)

Miller, Roger Lawrence. Sgt. U.S. Army WW2 32nd Infantry Division, Pacific Theater. Bronze Star. (Shrine of the Good Shepard Mausoleum, Brown County, WI)

Penpek, Arthur Gale U.S. Air Force (possibly buried in Egg Harbor cemetery)

Perez, Richard E. PFC, U.S. Army, Vietnam, KIA

Peterson, Donald Lee. 24 March 1946 - 30 April 2013. U.S. Army 1965-1967

Peterson, Leonard F. 19 Dec 1918 - 05 Nov 2013. U.S. Navy WWII.

Peterson, Paul Wayne.

Pickett, Lt. John "Ducky" Douglas. U.S. Navy,1947 - 1975. Korea & Vietnam

Reed, Robert Bernard "Bob". U.S. Navy Inspection Officer.

Resler, Gilbert.

Robillard, Kenneth Justin. U.S. Army Korea, 1953 - 1955 (Burial in St. Mary Catholic Cemetery, Algoma)

Schaefer, David R. SGT, U.S. Army, Vietnam, KIA (St. Peter & Paul Cemetery, Institute)

Schartner, Leonard J.

Schley, Ronald R. SSGT, U.S. Air Force, Vietnam

Schuyler, Darwin D. U.S. Army, Japan & Korea. (Place of burial not known)

Selvick, Bernard "Bud". (1925 - 2013) U.S. Army Air Force WW2

Smejkal, Roland (1927 - 2012) U.S. Army, Germany.

Solway, Herbert E.

Spangler, Robert "Bob" Small.

Stich, Joseph D. "Joe". 07 Ju;y 1956 - 25 April 2014. U.S. Navy.

Stratton, John Frederick. 27 April 1926 - 01 March 2013. U.S. Navy

Sturdevant,Alan G. U.S. Army

Trodahl, John N. U.S. Air Force

Ullman, James R. PV2, U.S. Army (Emmanuel Lutheran Cemetery, Brussels)

Vallier, Michael.

Wagner, George. Franco-Prussian War

Wagner, Randall W. Corp, U.S. Army, Vietnam, KIA

Walrabenstein, Arthur W. U.S. Army WWII, South Pacific. Burial in Waukesha County.

Warwick, Gary S

Warwick, Mercy. American Legion Auxiliary

Wehling, Harry T. 13 Feb 1927 - 13 Jan 2013. Merchant Marines & U.S. Coast Guard, WW2 South Pacific & Alaska. Place of burial not known.

Wickham, Charles "Chuck".  U.S. Army to 1964.

Wiegand, E. Vincent.

Wilber, Len Albert. (Buried in Crandon Lakeside Cemetery)

Zahn, Carl.