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Adams-McKain Family Reunion

1919 - 2017

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Lotta Copley Letter

To Louise Sykes Davis from Lotta Copley: December 15, 1964.

Dear Louise,

I've waited a long time you probably think, in answering your inquiry about that Adams and Copley "safari" of long ago. It seems that Mary {possibly her 1st cousin Mary Calista Adams or Mary McKain--b. 1847}and Winifred {Copley, her sister}had outgrown the country schools so their mothers hatched the idea of sending them to the Decatur H.S. as we were about to move there since father was to be the vice president of the bank. So the plan was that the two girls could rent some rooms where they would be supported by food from home where they would spend the weekends. At that time I was 6 {about 1888}and hadn't yet been to school so mother decided the girls could easily care for me and start me in school. Crazy!!! Anyhow it didn't work for me especially, so I dropped out from the trio and as I've heard tell--as the saying goes--Mary later in the year went home and grandmother Copley {Jane Helen (Hathaway) Copley--married to Alexander Bennett Copley}took Winifred for the remainder of the school year. Our family moved to town and at age 7{about 1889}, poor ignorant Lotta was enrolled by her grandfather Copley in the second grade. He decided my age entitled me to be, so I began to sit up and take notice of the teacher's demonstration of subtraction of 3 digits and not knowing my letters, I memorized the story as the pupils read aloud and after a few days escaping threatened punishment until I improved, I was able to stand up and read glibly--by memory only. Finally I caught on and got "A" grades--but how I suffered my grandfather's ignorance of my ignorance. But he was president of the school board and they didn't dispute his decision.

(NOTE: editor's notes in brackets {})

Carlotta (Lotta) Copley is the 1st cousin once removed of Louise Sykes Davis.

Edward Edwin Bennett Copley (d. 1916) married Esther McKain (1852-1927). They had six children:

  1. Earl Edwin

  2. Carlotta (Lotta) b. 06 Sep 1882

  3. Lena

  4. Winifred

  5. Margaret

  6. Edith

Mary Calista Adams (b. 21 Nov 1875) married Claude P. Sykes (17 Oct 1871-16 Oct 1949). They had 4 children:

  1. Marian Ruth Sykes

  2. Louise Sykes (b. 1907) married C. Moulton Davis.

  3. Wayne Sykes

  4. Elmie Jane Sykes