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Bluegill Frolic
Updated: 26 August 2013

1939 Bluegill Frolic
. The 1st Annual Bluegill Frolic was held Saturday, 24 June 1939. Bluegill Frolic Queen Berdeen McKenzie (Poe) and her Maids of Honor (June Thurkow and Frances Mikel) were chosen by lot from the 1939 graduating class of Marcellus High School. (Marcellus News,  29 June 1939)

1940 Bluegill Frolic. Janet (Peters) Wentz

1941 Bluegill Frolic. Virginia (Savage) Thornton

1946 Bluegill Frolic. Lois Ann (Cree) Walterhouse

1947 Bluegill Frolic. Varetta (Copenhaver) Powers. See the 02 Aug 2012 Marcellus News which reprinted the 03 July 1947 article on the 1947 Bluegill Frolic). "1947 Frolic Attracts 20,000 People. Largest Crowd in History Visits Our Fair Village for Two-Days of Fun and Frolic." Followed by photo with caption: "Varetta Copenhaver (center) was selected Queen of the Marcellus 5th Annual Bluegill Frolic. On her left is first runnerup, Elaine Sullivan and on her right, Alois Anderson, second runnerup. Others in the court of honor were: Ethel Williams, Pearl Smith, Alice Keller, Beverly Steininger, Mary Rumsey, Evelyn Ritter, Doris Lewis, Juanita Hagan and Rita Zimmick.

1948 Bluegill Frolic. Janet (Stratton) Driskel

1949 Bluegill Frolic. Bernadeen (Swartz) Bowlby. See the 09 Aug 2012 Marcellus News which reprinted the 1949 article on the 1949 Bluegill Frolic). "Record Crowd Attended 1949 Bluegill Frolic. Attendance Well Over Any Previous Showing Ever Held in Village of Marcellus." Followed by photo with caption "Bernadeen Swartz (center) was selected as Queen of the Bluegill Frolic. The runners up were Donna Hathaway (left) and Joan Waltz (right). Fifteen girls contested to become the 7th Annual Bluegill Frolic Queen. Other contestants were: Audrey Wright, Joan Harris, Aurieta Wright, Patricia Martin, Elsie Balog, Arlene Forney, Lula Belle Young, Ruth Brown, Arlene Furtenbaugh, Shirley Hagan, Marian Willis and Carol Wright."

1950 Bluegill Frolic. Georgia (Emig) Birchett

1951 Bluegill Frolic. Annie (Patzer) Turner
1952 Bluegill Frolic. The Queen of the 10th Annual Festival that was held on Friday and Saturday, 27 - 28 June 1952 was Miss Pat Deming (Pierson) who was crowned by Gov. G. Mennen Williams.

1953 Bluegill Frolic. Mary (Stemm) Warden

1954 Bluegill Frolic. Janice (Medd) Reynolds

1955 Bluegill Frolic. Sharon (McKenzie) Cotterman
1957 Bluegill Frolic. Mrs. James Blow (Marilyn Baker Wedde)
1958 Bluegill Frolic. The Queen of the 15th Annual Bluegill Frolic held on 14 June was Miss Joyce Gray (Klein) who was selected from 19 participants.

1959 Bluegill Frolic. Connie (Lofts) Ransbottom

1960 Bluegill Frolic. Mary Jane (Lillie) Ransbottom
1961 Bluegill Frolic. 29 June 1961 was the date for the 18th Annual Bluegill Frolic.

1962 Bluegill Frolic. May 24, 1962 - 20 Girls Will Participate in Queen's Contest -
  Entries for the 1962 Bluegill Frolic Queen's Selection closed Saturday, May 19, and Chairman William Higgins happily announced that 20 girls have indicated their desire to participate in the program.
  All of the girls entered in the selection are either students of Marcellus High School or live on the Marcellus mail routes.
  Those girls who will appear in the Queen's Selection this year are as follows: Bonnie Smith, Dorothy Meade, Kay Bainbridge, Margie Rhodes, Carolyn Stuart, Colleen Barrett, Bernadeen Dentler, Linda Fuller, Charlene Grames, Phyllis Grames, Beatrice Swartz, Katie Abrams, Carol Wolski, Alice Gratkowski, Marsha Taylor, Daisy Enboden, Karen Jasper, Sandy Hartman, Judy Woodall and Sue Fox.
  With a fabulous lineup of beauties like this how can you possibly plan to do anything else on Saturday evening, June 9, except attend the 1962 Bluegill Frolic Queen Selection, which will be held in the school gym beginning at 8:00 p.m. (Marcellus News). Marge (Rhodes) Flynn, Queen
Marcellus News, 14 June 1962: "Margie Rhodes, 16 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Rhodes of Marcellus, was chosen Queen of the 1962 Bluegill Frolic, Saturday evening, June 9, over a group of 18 other contestants.
  Margie, a 4 foot, 11 inch honor student at Marcellus High School, burst into tears when handed the bouquet of roses by the 1961 Queen Judy Hahn. The new Queen's Mother, Mrs. Rhodes and the rest of the eight Rhodes children all joined her with tears.
  Runner ups in the contest were Charlene Grames, 19 year old and a 1961 graduate of Three Rivers High School and Colleen Barrett, 17 years old and a June graduate of Marcellus High School.
  Headlining the evening's entertainment was the "Four Bards" a Niles quartet who have twice been champions in barbershop competition and have also appeared on the Arthur Godfrey show.
  William Higgins, chairman of the Selection program this year, was taken to Lakeview Hospital in Paw Paw late last week for emergency surgery, and his absence many in the community filled in.
  Master of Ceremonies for the evening was Ed Heathcote, superintendent of schools in Marcellus. Ray Jones furnished organ music for the evening.
  Escorts were Tom Churchill and Bill Higgins, Jr.; Tellers included Mrs. Carroll Brown, Mr. Carroll Jones and Mr. Nat Mooy; Pages were Laurie Johansen, Kathy Lyons and Sandy Mann.
  Ushers who assisted with the seating were: Bonnie Barnhart, Joanne Powell, Jackie Hartman, Barbara Lehew, Patricia Moore and Glenna Saidla."

1963 Bluegill Frolic. Star (Shannon) Tribbett. Queen Star Shannon, senior at Marcellus HS, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Harold Shannon. 20th Anniversary on 28-29 June 1963. Miss JoAnn Powell, 1st runner up is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Steve Powell. She is a 17 year old junior at MHS. Miss Sandy Smith, 2nd runner up is the daughter of Capt. & Mrs. Ralph P. Smith. She is a junior at MHS. Miss Marjorie Rhodes, Bluegill Queen of 1962 presented Miss Shannon with an ar bouquet of red roses. Rotarian Harry Shaw is Chairman of the 1963 Bluegill Frolic. Mrs. Milton Simmons, general chairman. 24 girls were entered in the contest: Pam Miller, Penny Rouse, Dorothy Meade, Carol Wolski, Star Shannon, Sandy Smith, Barbara Hass, Bonnie Swartz, Barbara Lehew, JoAnn Hunn, Carolyn Kent, Cindy Medd, Sandy Hartman, Connie Abrams, Carol Murray, Sandra Melville, Carolyn Stuart, Glenna Saidla, Joann Powell, Trudy Frye, Robin Miller, Betty Hackenberg, Judy Woodall.
1964 Bluegill Frolic. Queen JoAnn Powell (Kahler) was crowned by Dr. Willis Dunbar, Chairman of the Dept of History at Western Michigan University. Marcellus News (11 June 1964): "JoAnn Powell Selected '64 Bluegill Frolic Queen. JoAnn Powell, 18 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Steve Powell, East Arbor Street, Marcellus was selected as the 1964 Bluegill Frolic Queen, Friday evening, June 8. JoAnn will reign over the 21st National Bluegill Frolic to be held Friday and Saturday , June 26 and 27. JoAnn graduated from Marcellus High School this June and plans to attend Western Michigan University in the fall. Miss Sandy Melville, 17 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Melville of Marcellus was first runner up and is also a June graduate from M.H.S. and plans to attend college in the fall. Miss Barbara Hass, 17 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hass of Marcellus was chosen as second runner up. Miss Hass will be a senior at Marcellus High when school begins in the fall and she hopes to go on to Beauticians school after graduation in 1965. The list of other contestants includes the following young ladies: Wanda Kelly, Barbara Hunter, Connie Zelasko, Georgia Hahn, Barbara Ulam, Donna Melville, Jean Underwood, Joyce Carpenter, Bonnie Barnhart, Pat Moore, Glenna Saidla, Marilyn Buckhold, Nancy Wintrode, Arlene Swartz, Connie Abrams, Suzanne Wolfe, Carol Wolski and Bonnie Hartline. Mrs. Milton Simmons and Mrs. Richard Bowers were the co-chairmen of the program."

1965 Bluegill Frolic. Judy (Powell) Singley

1966 Bluegill Frolic.Margaret (Adams) Wetherell was crowned by her father, Dr. U.M. Adams

1967 Bluegill Frolic. Shirley (Wolfe) Stevens

1968 Bluegill Frolic. Cathy Barrett

1969 Bluegill Frolic. Debbie Sheline

1970 Bluegill Frolic. Linda (Hershey) Newell

1971 Bluegill Frolic. Sherry (Carlson) Klein

1973 Bluegill Frolic. Janet Peck

1974 Bluegill Frolic. Susie (Melville) Sziede

1975 Bluegill Frolic. Diane Cropsey

1976 Bluegill Frolic. Eva Lowry

1979 Bluegill Frolic. Sherri Northrup
1982 Danette Head was selected "Miss Marcellus". Lisa Small was 1st runner-up and Ann McKenzie 2nd runner-up and "Miss Congeniality"
1991 Bluegill Frolic. The 33rd Annual National Bluegill Frolic sponsored by the Marcellus Area Business Association was held Thursday through Sunday, 27 - 30 June 1991. Marcellus News, 07 April 2011.

2013 Bluegill Frolic. Grand Marshall, Dan Jones.

2014 Bluegill Frolic: