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Adams-McKain Family Reunion

1919 - 2017

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Blossomburg Cemetery

Updated: 09 November 2013

Please contact Jim Adams if you have information on this cemetery or for additions/corrections.

Blossomberg Cemetery at Peninsula Genealogical Society.

Blossomberg Cemetery at

Anderson, George/CO G. 128 INF./5 Feb 1885-29 Aug 1918, stone service marker. Also in-ground metal service marker. Photo.

Becher, Richard A./PFC US ARMY/WORLD WAR I/26 Sep 1895-11 Oct 1983, metal in ground service marker. Photo.

Bridenhagen, Hollis J./GY SGT US MARINE CORPS/WORLD WAR II  KOREA/16 Nov 1922-28 Jul 1982, on ground metal service marker. Photo.

Brown, John L., Corp. Co. D/15 ILL INF., service marker stone. Photo.

Churches, Samuel/Father/Co. E./Wis. Inf., Service stone

Copiskey, Clifford/WISCONSIN/PVT CO H 314 INFANTRY/WORLD WAR II PH/9 Sep 1923-7 Jul 1944. In-ground service marker. Photo.

Cornell, Robert Elmer DEMMIN/WISCONSIN/CM3 USNR/WORLD WAR II/21 Nov 1924-28 Apr 1950, Service marker

Crawford, Frederick E./ILLINOIS/1ST SGT CO C 149 FA 42 DIV/WORLD WAR I/23 Sep 1892-26 Sep 1959, Service marker.

Demmin, Robert Elmer DEMMIN CORNELL/WISCONSIN/CM3 USNR/WORLD WAR II/21 Nov 1924-28 Apr 1950, Service marker.

Duclon, Cecil Eugene/WISCONSIN/S2 USNRF/WORLD WAR I/4 Apr 1897-24 Apr 1966, Service marker.

Duclon, Claire/WISCONSIN/S1 USNRF/WORLD WAR I/1 Jul 1889-6 Aug 1963, Service marker & VFW Marker

Eckert, Carl J. "Buck".  U.S. Army WWII, Northern Italy & Africa.

Erickson, Elvington Arnold "Dee"*/16 Sep 1919, Gary IN-16 Dec 2009. U.S. Army Air Corps Navigator.

Fictum, Emil/WISCONSIN/PFC US ARMY/WORLD WAR II/30 Jan 1898-19 May 1973, Service marker

Fish, Arch E./PVT US ARMY/WORLD WAR I/22 Apr 1892-19 Mar 1979, in ground metal service marker 

Flaeschel, Peter/PVT US ARMY/WORLD WAR I/21 Oct 1896-20 Apr 1975, Service marker

Hill, Byron M./1891-1964,(WORLD WAR/U.S./1917-1918 marker)

Jensen, Emery G./WISCONSIN/PVT US ARMY/8 Nov 1892-28 Feb 1944, service marker. Photo.

JOHNSON, Arvid E./WISCONSIN/PFC 4 ENGINEERS/WORLD WAR I/29 Jul 1892-8 Jun 1965, Service marker.

JOHNSON, Irving/WISCONSIN/PVT CO E 53 INFANTRY/WORLD WAR I/11 Nov 1895-10 Mar 1970, Service marker & VFW Marker

KRAUSE, Richard A./TEC 4 US ARMY/WORLD WAR II/6 Aug 1920-17 Mar 1975, Service marker.

KRAUSE, George/WISCONSIN/CPL CO I 362 INFANTRY/WORLD WAR I/20 May 1894-23 Jun 1969, service marker.

Lincoln, John J./SGT US MARINE CORPS/KOREA/31 Jul 1935-1 Apr 1993, service marker on stone. Photo.

Mershon, Herbert W./WISCONSIN/CPL 187 FIELD ARTY/WORLD WAR II/5 Jan 1920-23 May 1969.

Nelson, Clifford T./WISCONSIN/TEC 5 SVC BTRY 120 FLD ARTY/WORLD WAR II/20 Apr 1918-6 Jun 1972

Paeske, William G./1892-1929/124th CO. TRANS. CORPS., Service marker.

Polster, Martin A./WISCONSIN/PVT 5 DISCHARGE DET./WORLD WAR I/24 Dec 1896-8 Oct 1963, Service marker.

Rex, Ernest S./WISCONSIN/PVT CO D 3 BN US COAST GUARD/WORLD WAR I/20 Sep 1895-1 Sep 1969, Service marker.

Rix, Robert L./1ST LT US ARMY/WORLD WAR II/1918-1975, Service Marker.

Riza, John P./PVT US MARINE CORPS/25 Dec 1894-7 Oct 1974, Service Marker.

Sargent, Robert E. U.S. Navy. Died 16 Feb 2010

Schwartz, William H./ILLINOIS/COOK CO A 311 AMMO TRAIN/WORLD WAR I/30 Aug 1892-27 Apr 1961. Service marker.

Seiler, Carl E./WISCONSIN/PVT US ARMY/WORLD WA I/16 Mar 1890-7 Jun 1973.

Sisk, Coil/KENTUCKY/PVT 120 INF. 30 DIV/21 Sep 1931, Service marker stone.

Sneeberger, William E./WISCONSIN/AE2 US NAVY/WORLD WAR II/30 May 1927-4 May 1956, Service marker

Tennison, T. C./CO K/50th WIS. INF, Service marker stone.

Toika, Uno V./PFC US ARMY/WORLD WAR II/29 Jun 1915-24 Jun 1976. Service marker.

Wesa, Donald LEIGHT WESA/PFC US ARMY/28 Apr 1927-25 Dec 1974, Service marker.

Witalison, James Arthur. Sgt. U.S. Army, Vietnam.

Woerfel, Hubert F./WISCONSIN/PVT 2 REGT WIS INF/SPANISH AMERICAN WAR/19 Mar 1876-19 Oct 1967.  VFW, Spanish War Vet-1898-1902, USA Philippine Is.-Porto Rico-Cuba/Army United Navy.) Photo.